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Taliban Commander: We are proud, we are against the troops from 43 countries

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Taliban Commander: We are proud, we are against the troops from 43 countries

Ghazni province in Afghanistan when the Taliban field commander really up in a house in the capital, Kabul, and air of calm and accept the “Global Times” interview, really surprised journalists. US-led NATO forces claim to be in the next few weeks, the Taliban launch a “decisive battle”, but the frequent attack on coalition forces not only Mojin heavily guarded Taliban officials in Kabul, also boasted that the Taliban will eventually “100% recapture political power.” He also said the Taliban had in Afghanistan, 31 of 34 provinces to establish provincial “shadow government.” Shortly after the war in Afghanistan is about to enter the 10th year. As the only Taliban field commanders face to face interviews with the press, we feel the Taliban is everywhere, is also deeply concerned about the fate of Afghanistan.

Abnormal ferocious Taliban

Afghanistan local time at half past nine p.m. on May 31, a senior middle ground in Afghanistan are guided, “Global Times” reporter and his party boarded the one side and the windshield was completely blocked after the Toyota car, car Zuoguai You turn the streets of Kabul, in the deep darkness of night outside the car in the doldrums, journalists uneasy. From the car after several heavily armed military and police checkpoints view, this is not far away from the outskirts of Kabul, Afghanistan is still the government-controlled areas, but about the exclusive interview with the Taliban in Ghazni province is the highest Field Commander.

“6 days ago, I led a battle group in Ghazni province ambushed a coalition Mukul region’s logistics team. 1 hour battle, we use the RPG-7 rockets kill 3 of them tanker, the eradication of the board of the coalition. then came the U.S. helicopter gunships also killed four of our personal! “36-year-old Gulab begins by describing his team’s recent attack coalition forces in Afghanistan, with bloodshot eyes and a sudden emit light to: “Our war is with the U.S. and Polish troops, I am very proud that 43 countries, the Ngau Tam Mei military contest.”

If not pre-identification, is hard to believe sitting in the “Global Times” reporter in front of traditional Afghan turban wrapped around his tall, Wei Pan of the ordinary man is a senior Taliban commander in Ghazni province. Ghazni province in eastern Afghanistan, the Taliban militants first “revival” is also the highest frequency of attacks on coalition forces in Afghanistan provinces. The provincial capital of Kabul to Kandahar highway is located in the hub position, has always been the two major cities, trade centers, strategically located and contested.

“The Taliban in Ghazni province, a comeback was in 2003, we now have complete control over the addition to the capital of Ghazni City, all outside the region.” Gulab said, and troops to strategic locations in the U.S. and other coalition forces fighting the Taliban in Ghazni province has developed a total of 11 operational teams, each combat team from the 5-6 motorcycle composition, each motorcycle can carry two to three armed men, armed with AK-47 assault rifles , heavy machine guns, rocket launchers, self-made mines. Of these weapons by the armed men hiding in Quetta, Pakistan, the Taliban leader in the Committee provided free of charge, and then transported to Ghazni by Afganistan fighting team sent to save. Gulab his battle group led by several class action points: First, carefully patrol and logistics forces team had laid an ambush; second is “eliminating traitors,” that is to kill the officials who meet with the U.S. military or military police; Third kidnapping of foreigners in Afghanistan.

The Taliban, the motorcycle is the most commonly used means of transport militants, Afghan army or police Why not be banned? Gulab’s explanation to reporters dumbfounded: “A government once in Andar district of Ghazni province, and Gino area trying to fully endure touch, but we immediately announced through mosques and public gatherings: No vehicle shall be on the road, and in all road is mined. A few weeks later, the government had announced that this set of wants to endure touch abandoned the strategy against the Taliban, so we more powerful than the government. ”

Exception of the fierce Taliban attack NATO forces in Afghanistan has said that in the coming June, Kandahar and other areas will be launched once the largest encirclement operations, it was a “decisive period.” Agence France-Presse that it would be a bloody battle, the U.S. Government’s new strategy in terms of Aba is a severe test period. In this regard, Gulab did not put the United States in Afghanistan “decisive war” paid no attention: “in September 2006, the U.S. military does not also launched a code of Ghazni province, ‘the mountain of anger’ What the military action ? how the results can like. When the U.S. military toward our base, we buried the weapon on the same kind of ordinary people at home and opium poppy crops, and some people went to Ghazni City, rent an apartment or hotel accommodation, There remain a small part of the guerilla, such harassing tactics very quickly dragged the U.S. military and was totally exhausted, and finally withdrew, and we also returned to the area. Maer Jia this year, too, believe also in Kandahar no difference, so the Americans can not win the guerrilla war can never be. ”

A senior official of the Afghan Interior Ministry and senior members of the media emir of Kabul are to the “Global Times” confirmed that the Taliban in Ghazni province, “abnormal vicious”: In 2006, there have been two of the Albanian government governor gaz Denis was shot dead; in April 2007, the Taliban militants in Ghazni province, occupying Gino area, shot and killed the Chief Executive and the local police chief has just appointed. July 2007, 23 South Koreans kidnapped by Taliban in Ghazni province, South Korean intelligence Dean personally negotiate with the Taliban, and paid a ransom of 22 million U.S. dollars, plus ensure that “never re- Back to Afghanistan “, the only safe release of 21 hostages, the other two hostages were shot in the previous. Gulab warned: “Not long ago, would like to return to Afghanistan, South Korea, they have broken the promise, the Taliban will kill them!”

Taliban reject peace conference

June 2, has been delayed twice Kabul Loya peace conference finally convened, from around 1,600 representatives of Afghanistan, including U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, including 300 foreign dignitaries to attend the meeting. A spokesman for Ahmed told the peace conference, “Global Times” reporter, the conference has three purposes: First, all walks of life to the peace process in Afghanistan asked the meter; Second, ask if they should have reached a settlement with the Afghan armed groups; third What mechanisms should be established to achieve peace. Initially, rumors outside the Taliban and other anti-government armed forces will be invited to attend the peace conference, the Afghan presidential spokesman Wahid Omar said the armed groups not invited to participate in any meeting, but he said “welcome to send any organization representatives. ” Afghanistan President Hamid Karzai visited the United States after returning from 18 declared that there is no involvement of the Taliban in Afghanistan can not achieve peace.

However, the Taliban commander Gulab let it be said that the Taliban would not send anyone to participate in this meeting, “As long as Americans and foreign troops in Afghanistan one day, this conference would not make any sense to refuse.” Gulab said the Taliban to attend the peace conference on the parts of the elders will unceremoniously, “We tell them directly, if you to attend peace conference in Kabul, then come back, will be executed immediately!”

Many people in Kabul could lead to the General Assembly expressed concern about terrorist attacks. 1, Kabul, also revealed that “base” the head of the branch organizations in Afghanistan have been killed Yazid news. This person is a “base” organization’s third leader. Alleged “base” organization website has acknowledged the news. U.S. and Afghan officials in Afghanistan confirmed the news to reporters, but “still further verification of the details.” A senior diplomat in Kabul told the “Global Times” reporter: “We are very worried about large-scale attack against the Congress events will happen.” Kabul in all schools starting from June 1 holiday, until the peace conference on June 4 ended. Afghan Interior Ministry official confirmed that the security situation in the holiday with. Reporters saw the streets of Kabul, including embassies, including the key objectives to strengthen the security, military and police check passing vehicles, the density has increased.

Gulab said that the Taliban are to adjust their own, such as the area under the Taliban now does not prohibit music, let the children go to school. “But she still can not go to school, it is traditional!” Gulab very clear that “there are some illusions about the United States, the United States wants Afghanistan to become the 51st state, their life style to lead the United States, but when people get nothing, they will identify the government and the United States are fraudulent. ”

Taliban influence how much

The extent of the Taliban forces in the end, there were rumors that, in addition to the capital Kabul, the provincial capital as well as some major traffic arteries, the other is the Taliban control. In this regard, Gulab very sure that in 34 provinces of Afghanistan, the Taliban has been established in 31 provinces, a “shadow government.” He said, “This is the truth. We are the Taliban government led by the governor of the civil service and provincial Military Commission, District Commander of the Military Committee and the provincial governor nomination, the battle group agreed that re-determined.”

U.S. “Washington Post” has also reported that most of the provinces of Afghanistan there are two “governor”: government-mandated “day Governor,” and the Taliban-appointed “shadow governor.” The article said that the government appointed by the Laghman province of Afghanistan, “Governor day” poor reputation among the local population, to intervene because he was everywhere profitable projects, including foreign aid. While many local people are like “tough but decisive” Taliban “shadow governor.” Low-level Taliban “official” Once involved in corruption, even if only certainty is also dismissed rumors.

Both Afghan officials, soldiers or coalition forces in Afghanistan, they are in private and “Global Times” reporter exchanges were admitted, the situation in Afghanistan does not optimistic. The past two days, the border with Pakistan in eastern Nuristan province of Afghanistan, hundreds of Taliban from Pakistan occupied local government buildings, police and government troops force back Afghanistan, coalition forces flew eventually only prevent the bombing and move on. A southeastern Khost province, a school built with assistance from the West has also been used rockets to destroy the Taliban. In addition, the Taliban suicide bomber attacked a police camp in Khost province, wounding nine police officers. In Nangarhar province, two explosions killed five Minga An entire team of officers and soldiers. In Badakhshan province, nine anti-narcotics police officers were killed by a roadside bomb. This is just the Taliban that occurred within 72 hours of the attack. Even Afghanistan President Hamid Karzai has also said, “Now the United States and other Western countries are beginning to recognize the need for dialogue with the Taliban. The current war in Afghanistan is not only military means can be made victory. ”

in Kabul told the lawyer, “Global Times” reporter that he was suspected of the Kabul government and the anti-government groups the ability and sincerity of reconciliation, because we want fundamental change in the situation in Afghanistan, a prerequisite is: the government is strong enough and stable enough in the provinces to establish an effective government that can effectively prevent a number of different countries, the Albanian extremist anti-government forces support.

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